Real Ain't Real testo



(feat. Polite)

[Hook x2: Raekwon]
Do you know where you going to?
Do you like the things that Lex serving you? But Lex'll murder you

A truck Acura, crazy, heavy tuck style, Dutch style
All my niggaz look rich, all the bitches fuck loud
Seeing a Benz and look sizzling, don't let it rain, daddy
That's when the reds get more busy
Hyper and shooting at snipers, bloodbaths, some, they laugh
Gleaming in some luxury labs, all the wally down, flicks we flash
Grabbing bitches blowing in whips, every blessing, flip up flags
I put that on my wallet, I'm great, kid with the Purple Tape
Claim names, the Louis Lex Diamonds and the makes
All the bank robbing niggaz pump aids, jewelry glass
Commission the mass, to stop the record, pa, switch plates, yo
Real niggaz get big, fake niggaz get hit
Talk about bitches won't come to your shit
I'm throwing on balley's, laying in denalli's
On my way to Cali, fuck niggaz I respect, gun playing the slip

[Chorus: Polite]
Real ain't real no more, yo these niggaz is fake
Ever stared in the eyes of a snake?
To all my real niggaz keeping it street, fuck running your mouth
If it's war, then we talk the heat
Hitting off, leaving bastards dead, watch his body collapse
And push his brains to the back of his head
And y'all niggaz gon' respect the God, and the word of the streets
You niggaz wanna see Lex go hard

I sing liver than the Ten', sitting in the V, choking my hat down
Everybody fly, folding bricks
Once my niggaz get on, it's on, I'm popping niggaz off top
This is my yacht, stay the fuck off
Ya'll ran with the Cuban, started changing names, nigga listen
I started it, you need to just pass me the chain
Don't give me that "I respect your work" bullshit
I shot the same game, shot niggaz in planes and stole niggaz wizzes
Yo, that's my ninjas, catching bodies a hobby
Sit back, doola hits, more, listen
Twisting, wrist glisten, slang lord, handle my position
Is to sit back, and kill all fake niggaz
And I sware my ear is the rear version
Don't got time to kill on every track, fuck rap, change the wheel
Kneel behind 'burbans, and burst one knee, this is me
All the kid ever wanted was more burners


[Hook x2]