Run (Freestlye) testo



[Intro: Raekwon]
Son! Come on, man
Leave them Phillies, man, we out, man, let's go, man...

I skated through the back of the building, hit the steps up
Ran up in Kay crib, lay daddy rest
I had to break free, police on me and they FB's
Yelling "I think his name Lex, that's his aunt, freeze"
That's when I hit the window, indo' coming out the back room
Boom, Pretty and his man, Black Caesar
Damn, they saw me and they bustin' at me
Cab just missed me, plus them goochie frames, foul, that's six fifty
Stop back at suite, them leaf defense slid through my man garden
Yelled out 'pardon', kept it moving, peace
Build be gone, ain't no honor amongst thieves
Please, plus they heard I'm getting parmagane cheese
And I won't stop moving til the metal dig me
Say word, yo, make 'em work for it, young rookie, y'all need me
That's when it is, what it is, if it's that or the cup
But in the ill gangstas book what they niggaz do is
(Run) That's what it is, what it is, yo
(Run) That's when they try to get biz to niggaz
Gold objects, flying through the projects
Young thugs is ducking, send babies to Spofford