Dangerous testo



The kids from the hood is more dangerous
Everybody vest up, all the shot callers with aim, stick
The three pound, automatic is nasty, raspberry color
My shit bloody, with mud on my New Balance
Goodness gracious, more lazers, watch my family
Had these niggas, these niggas got more Rae shit
Three sixty weight, put somethin' in the air
He didn't die, but he copped the hearing aid, son
New shit, New Balance click, true blue sixes burst
The nurses in the joint, who school ninja's
The next paragraph might excite you, enlighten you
To get up, get hype a little, bust rifles, do him
I wrote it like that, to rock wigs, ox' kids
Boxes, cops is chasin' niggas to cribs
Vision the next verse is classy, ask me
How these young niggas get money, the tongue speaks so raspy, yo

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Yo, ever had a fight with death?
Ever recognized you slept
Threw ya man out there and left
Ya'll niggas ain't never been 'built for' it
It's a shame, some niggas live
Then fucking get killed for it