U Ain't Know testo

Sean Paul


(feat. T-Pain)

Yeah Aha Yeah Aha

If You Knew
What I Knew You
Would Get Right Back
And Dont Call
And If You Knew
What I Knew Then You
Would Understand Im a Superstar

Cause I Got that Ice on my Chain
Drank in My Cup
In the middle of the club
Got my middle fanga up
Like aaaa You aint know
Aaaa You aint know
AaaaYou aint know

Ice In My Chain
Drank in my Cup
If you dont give a damn
I dont give a f***
Big Boy Truck
Thats How we showin Up
Im a real patron sippa
Thats what we pourin up
Big Bang flippin
I got a million walkin bucks
Betta herd her up
Before the bottom bottoms up
Holdin my nuts
With a boy like what
Im in here by myself
N**** gone get drunk
We the reason why
You cant park out front
Betta shut it down
When the boy pull up
Everybody holdin man
We aint get touched
Two trailer park girls go round
And round the outside
Cause im eminem
Chika chika slim
Slima slima slim a
Slim yeah
A roll on dubs
Every body run
I run like king kong
Because im really really slow
I like watchin barney
And the teletubs
I got my n****
And fat al bert

If you knew what I doo doo
I use it on the toilet
If you smelt what I blew
Youd probabley speed off in your car