Police Skit testo

Sean Paul


Pull ova man Pull ova Pull ova
Stop right here so
Lock off ur car and
Step out of da vehicle
Wit ur documents please
U kno y i pull u ova right

[Sean Paul]
Ahh officers

Did i give u da right
To blow tru da stop light like dat

[Sean paul]
me neva c it

Licences and registration
Licences and registration please

[Sean Paul]
Evry ting is in orda

Sean Paul
You in trouble Sean Paul
But wat u do

[sean Paul]
Bwoy me a dj

Oh disc jockey
Dat mean u a play pon de radio

[Sean Paul]
No mon no

Wat station u play on

[Sean Paul]
No man no ima artist

[Police man]
Artisit Artist
U paint house
Wat u paint

[Sean Paul]
Musical artist

Musical artist u play instrument
Look inside da car
See if u c any instrument inside de

[Sean Paul]
Hol on hol on u a get me wrong
Me a Sean Paul

Entertainer Oh
Pass me da newspaper dere
And let me see da entertainmnt section
And let me see if mr.Sean Paul is in da entertainment section
I c one man inside here so
Wit orange hair
Head look like carpet
He no look like dough
I see a next one here wit dark glasses
And i see a dread locks one
But U don't have dread locks
U need dread locks in da business u kno

[Sean Paul]
Not evry entertainer have dread locks

But u not in da newspaper a tal
I don't c Sean Paul in da paper
Ur jus not in da paper
From ur not in da paper ur not popular
In my books dats wat it is
Wat is dat Wat is dat
Its weed Its weed
Da man stink of weed
Dis bwoy stink of weed
Com'on impound da vehicle
U sleepin in jail 2nite
Dats it ur goose cook now
U try 2 fool me up
U can't fool me again dats weed
Dats it finish finish wit u